3 Steps to Take Before Hiring an Architect

3 Steps to Take Before Hiring an ArchitectBuilding-Permits

You may be ready and anxious to begin construction on your home, or maybe, you’re planning to build or remodel a commercial property. Either way, there are a few steps that are crucial to take before you hire an architect to take on the job.

Follow these three simple steps from the Baldwin Architectural Group.

Obtain Proper Building Permits

Building permits are crucial before beginning construction on any commercial structure or home. Every city, county, and state has specific ordinances and building codes that help ensure a
building is safe and up-to-code. Not only do building permits help ensure that both the workers stay safe in the construction process, but they also help protect the public and residents after the structure is built.

Research what building permits will be necessary for your particular structure prior to building, and go ahead and obtain the necessary permits before starting construction. By doing this before the build, the architects will know exactly how to design your structure according to required building codes, saving you from costly repairs or changes later in the process.

Decide on Design Ideas with Your Family or Team

Before meeting with an architect, be clear on exactly what you want your building to look like and what functionality you need for it to provide.

There will always be some decisions that need to be made during the building or designing process. However, if you have a clear and unified understanding of what you want out of your structure, there will be fewer changes and holdups in the building process.

Research Qualified Architects

Your property isn’t just a building. It’s your time, money, and passion. That’s why it’s important to have the right architect on the job. Make sure that any architect you choose is licensed in that particular state.

You will also want to ensure that they have good reviews from previous architectural projects, are experienced in building according to code, and have a good understanding of your vision for the property. Architects should be able to offer both references and an estimate for you to help compare the quality and costs of their services.

Contact the Baldwin Architectural Group for Your Next Project

The team at Baldwin Architectural Group is experienced in both commercial and residential design and building. We can turn your dream project into a reality, and we’ll ensure that your building and home are code compliant.

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