Designing Apartments with Millennials in Mind


Millennials have much different taste and goals in mind than previous generations. Most decide to put off the grind of a 9 to 5 job to travel or start an online stream of revenue. Others are interested in healthy living through new diets and exercise trends rather than pursuing money.

However, many millennials are interested in apartment rentals rather than investing in a home or condo. A high percentage of college graduates have student loans, and apartment rentals are much more financially manageable. Mortgages require a hefty down payment so millennials stick to apartment rentals.

The real question for apartment designers like Baldwin Architectural Group is what does this large influx of apartment renters want for their new living space? We have a wealth of experience in the Metro Atlanta area and we’ve seen some consistent trends in millennials’ taste. Here are some ways to design apartments with millennials in mind.


Besides the location of their apartments, research shows that millennial renters strongly desire certain amenities in their building. According to a study conducted by ABODO, results found that millennials want their homes to be located in high-speed WiFi and mobile-friendly areas. Since they use their internet as a main source of entertainment, landlords could attract a lot of young business if they offer high bandwidth and service.

They also want laundry units, balconies, fitness rooms, and utilities included with their rental fees. These amenities are a wise investment for apartment landlords because they can justify higher monthly rates. Also, apartments with large square feet ranked on the lower end of the list so landlords should invest in amenities that tenants can enjoy over sheer space.


Younger generations love the freedom to express themselves in all facets of their lives from artistic endeavors to the feng shui of their apartment. Just like digital media platforms, millennials want to customize their apartments to reflect their personalities.

Apartment complexes should have flexible rules on how tenants are allowed to alter their living space to their unique specifications, including walk-in closet size, areas to store bikes, and freedom to paint their walls.


Many millennials feel a responsibility to help prevent the degradation of the environment and help improve climate change through their own actions. Apartment complexes should offer convenient recycling services for renters. Also, a community garden would be a great addition to any complex to encourage organic eating and friendly engagement with other tenants. Working with the LEED, or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, can help inspire greener designs for new living spaces.

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