Tips to Designing Multi-Family Homes

Tips to Designing Multi-Family Homes

Designing a multi-family complex like residential lofts and apartment buildings requires years of experience in both the residential and commercial design world. Baldwin Architectural Group has the knowledge and expertise necessary to design convenient and economical mixed-use buildings that suite the needs of the local community.

Appealing to the Demographic

Before designing your apartment complex or loft, it is important to define what demographic you plan on targeting for potential residents. Apartments in urban settings like Downtown Atlanta will most likely appeal to a younger crowd, 25 – 30 years of age. These individuals are looking for a space with a social atmosphere, lots of amenities, and urban appeal. The live-work-play philosophy appeals greatly to these individuals and location will be crucial. Being able to walk to shops, work, parks, and local restaurants will greatly affect a potential tenant’s decision.

In more rural or suburban areas, multi-family complexes should shift their focus to an older, more family-oriented demographic. For these individuals, walking distance to destinations will not matter as much as additional amenities such as playgrounds and family park grounds. If families with small children are part of your demographic, designated recreational spaces are a must.

Implementing a Feeling of Affordable Luxury

It is becoming more and more common for apartment buildings and lofts to label themselves as “luxury complexes”, especially if located in an urban area. To be competitive in the luxury market, more design time must be spent on amenities such as pools and outdoor space, common areas, and design features such as flooring and décor.

Residents are now expecting apartments and lofts to provide them with community spaces to entertain guests. These common areas often include free WiFi, televisions, games and kitchenettes.

To further impress future tenants, consider adding a rooftop lounge or seating area. Additional amenities like pet spas and well-developed fitness areas will add even more value to the property.

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Baldwin Architectural Group has over 30 years of experience designing and implementing multi-family and mixed-use facilities in the Metro Atlanta area.

We have designed well-known complexes like the Inman Park Lofts located in Inman Park, the Milltown Lofts in Cabbagetown, and the Centennial Station Lofts found in the heart of Downtown Atlanta.

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