Apartment Design

Apartment Design

Each person has specific needs when it comes to their living space. A millennial desires vastly different amenities in their apartment than a senior. Small families have different values than a single person in their early twenties.

Baldwin Architectural Group accommodates the different needs of each age demographic to provide an amazing living experience. We wanted to explore what each renter desires in their living space and the specific designs that create a pleasant environment. Here are some consistent trends in designing apartment buildings to satisfy each group’s needs.


The emerging generation of young adults have their own taste. High-speed internet and strong mobile connections in their apartment complex is a necessity. Millennials need to stay connected for their personal lives, careers, and entertainment.

Also, porches are a great addition for a taste of the outdoors. They have the option to enjoy some fresh air, grow vegetables or flowers, and store their non-motor forms of transportation. Since environmental care is at the top of the list, apartments should be designed to offer recycling services. Furthermore, wide open floor plans are a plus because they offer plenty of natural lighting.

Adults in Their 30s

Adults in their later twenties and early thirties desire slightly different niceties than millennials. At the top of the list is adequate space and privacy. A nice walk-in closet and additional storage areas help give this demographic more space to store their goods. Also, many adults in their thirties still have roommates so accommodating privacy needs with personal bathrooms is a huge plus.

Many individuals enjoy cooking at home and exploring their own culinary talents. A full-service kitchen with stove tops, an oven, and a dish washer is a huge plus. Apartment designers should also organize adequate space for spice and food storage with shelves and a large pantry.


Growing families have much different values than millennials and single adults. The most important concerns for their apartments is security. Parents prefer complexes with gated codes for car entrances and key codes to enter their building. An added bonus is apartment security and a receptionist to check in guests. Since safety is the number one concern of families living in apartments, designers should construct secure buildings.

Families also want in-house amenities such as pools and a gym on the ground floor. Since many parents have to constantly supervise their children without the help of a nanny, workout facilities help parents stay fit while still supervising their kids. Furthermore, a pool is a great addition to any apartment complex because kids can have a blast on site.


For apartment complexes designed to accommodate a retirement community, seniors require more hands-on services. Many residents need an attentive staff to help with grocery shopping, home maintenance, and with many other everyday tasks. Assisted living spaces should have handicap friendly floor plans and scheduled transportation services for seniors who no longer operate vehicles.

Retirement communities should offer a variety of social and entertaining events. Also, each room should be equipped with an emergency alert system and be ADA-compliant

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