Assisted Living Facility Design

Assisted Living Facility Design

Assisted living is quickly becoming a preferred lifestyle for many seniors who desire independence, but may need a little extra help during their everyday routine. As baby boomers enter assisted living facilities, the competition between institutions is heating up.

At Baldwin Architectural Group, we find ways of blending home and hospitality to accommodate seniors’ long term care preferences.

Important Attributes of Assisted Living Facilities

Remodeling or building an assisted living facility requires careful consideration. There are important attributes that assisted living facilities should incorporate into their design such as:

  • An open floor plan that is easy to follow
  • Doorways, hallways, and rooms that accommodate wheelchairs and walkers
  • Elevators are available for those that are unable to use stairways
  • Handrails are available to aid in walking
  • Cupboards and shelves are easy to reach
  • The facility is well lit, with a mix of natural and artificial lighting
  • Proper heating and cooling
Incorporating these attributes into the design of the assisted living facility will ensure that the environment is safe and comfortable for seniors needing long term care. Your Atlanta commercial architect can make design recommendations to ensure that the facility is well thought out and designed to meet the needs of residents.

Exceeding Senior Expectations

Design trends for assisted living facilities are evolving to meet the needs of seniors. In order to make the transition from home to institution seamless, facilities are adding amenities such as high quality dining facilities, bistros, cafes, and even ice cream parlors. Other amenities provided to enhance the resident’s quality of life are general stores, art galleries, game rooms, and on-site health services.

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