Credit Union

Credit unions perform the same function as banks, but they are more dedicated to the communities they serve.

In terms of design, the buildings for credit unions typically have more modern features, which vary but can include vaulted ceilings, asymmetrical building shapes, creative placement of windows, and an emphasis on natural light.

Baldwin Architectural Group has the ability to manage a building’s security while maintaining a modern appeal and keeping construction under budget.


Dallas Community Bank

Originally – The Dallas Community Bank – this bank building is currently a SunTrust. This was one of the first banks built in this area. It was very obvious that this building has made an impact in this area. Since it was built we have seen several buildings built with very similar design details. It definitely stands out with the Cupola & metal roof with a second floor area and rear drive through area with offices above that area as well. This Building is also on a major intersection that has given it a good deal of prominence over these years.