Bank Architecture

Community and local banks are not held to a rigid standard when it comes to design and aesthetics. With over 30 years of experience in bank design and commercial architecture in Metro Atlanta and across the state of Georgia, Baldwin Architectural Group can create a bank design that suits both the bank employees and the bank members.

From the early planning stages of design to final construction, the bank architects at Baldwin Architecture Group are with you every step of the way. Whether you need to design an entirely new bank building or you just need to remodel the waiting area, we are here to help.

Planning to Design or Remodel a Bank?

When planning to design or remodel a bank with Baldwin Architectural Group, it is important to take the following spaces into consideration:

Bank Employee Space

It is important to think of the employees and their needs when designing your bank or remodeling project. An efficient and adequate work space is necessary for your employees to perform effectively. While maintaining an aesthetically pleasing bank design, Baldwin Architectural Firm will create an environment for bank employees to utilize with a functional layout, easy to navigate pathways, as well as any employee amenities desired.

Bank Member Space

The other party to consider when designing bank space is your current and potential members. Baldwin Architectural Group has studied how customers interact with and inhabit bank space, giving us the knowledge we need to create useful and comfortable bank member space. It is necessary to evaluate what features are most important to your members and incorporate those features correctly.


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