Designing Apartments with Millennials in Mind

Millennials have much different taste and goals in mind than previous generations. Most decide to put off the grind of a 9 to 5 job to travel or start an online stream of revenue. Others are interested in healthy living through new diets and exercise trends rather than pursuing money. However, many millennials are interested […]

Tips to Designing Multi-Family Homes

Tips to Designing Multi-Family Homes Designing a multi-family complex like residential lofts and apartment buildings requires years of experience in both the residential and commercial design world. Baldwin Architectural Group has the knowledge and expertise necessary to design convenient and economical mixed-use buildings that suite the needs of the local community. Appealing to the Demographic […]

Designing a Custom Floor Plan for Your Restaurant

Upon completion of construction, local Alpharetta restaurant, Butcher & Brew, has just celebrated its Grand Opening. The Atlanta architecture firm behind the design is Baldwin Architectural Group. This brand new restaurant was built in one of the original buildings in Downtown Alpharetta, which presented a few design challenges that Baldwin Architectural Group was able to […]

Designing a Custom Floor Plan for Your Restaurant

Designing a Custom Floor Plan for Your Restaurant A great floor plan is essential to the success of any restaurant. Not only will your staff be able to efficiently take care of your guests, restaurateurs will be able to fit more tables in your space to accommodate more guests. Avoid customers feeling cramped in tight […]

3 Steps to Take Before Hiring an Architect

3 Steps to Take Before Hiring an Architect You may be ready and anxious to begin construction on your home, or maybe, you’re planning to build or remodel a commercial property. Either way, there are a few steps that are crucial to take before you hire an architect to take on the job. Follow these […]

Why Multi-Family Architecture Matters

Why Multi-Family Architecture Matters Multi-family housing establishments are becoming incredibly popular as those in the Metro Atlanta area continue to look for dwellings other than a single-family home. These spaces could include an apartment building, loft, townhome, condominiums, or mixed-use facilities. As these dwellings rise in popularity, it’s incredibly important that architects in the area […]