Cafe Design & Cafe Renovation

Cafe Design & Cafe Renovation

A great cafe design is just as important as innovative lattes or delicious hors d’oeuvres. The design of your cafe sets the mood and gives your establishment character, which ensures you guest keep coming back.

Everything starts with choosing the best floor plan for your cafe design or cafe renovation project. Regardless of the design you choose, the design should incorporate your customers, cafe concept, space, and your menu. Continue reading to learn more about cafe design and cafe renovation from the Atlanta restaurant architects at Baldwin Architectural Group.

Place the Customer Center Stage

Your coffee shop or cafe design should be centered around the customer and make them feel as if the space was tailor-made for their needs. Whether it’s cultural, geographic, or social clues, the cafe design should reflect the customer.

Today’s consumers are much more likely to warm up to brands that mirror their view of the world. One way to achieve this goal is to implement visual clues of locality, which can help the customer feel as if the space was designed exclusively for them.

Lighting for Cafe Design & Renovation

When it comes to your cafe design, lighting is detrimental. The right lighting solution can transform the environment and set the right mood. The ambiance of the space should also reflect how your customers will use the space. Most importantly, you can use the lighting to direct your customer’s eyes exactly where they need to be, which can be on product placement.

Effective Merchandising Space

The best cafes and coffee shops implement product merchandising in the design. It should follow the “See it, Like it, Buy it” model, where customers easily understand the product through accessible displays and clear pricing at every customer decision point. This process is used by all of the biggest brands and has been proven to bolster profits.

Aroma Control

If your cafe has a kitchen, it’s important to manage the smells emitted from the kitchen. While the ideal aroma would be fresh Arabica beans permeating through the space, this doesn’t happen by accident. You must implement proper ventilation in the design phase. If you fail to make these considerations, your cafe may be filled with unpleasant odors and large wafts of smoke.

Consider the Acoustics

Your cafe should engage all senses, including smell, taste, and sight. However, today’s restaurant industry has become so competitive that you must even consider sound. Make sure you consider the acoustical elements of your cafe. If you intend on welcoming college students and business professionals, the acoustics should reflect a quieter and more work-friendly environment.

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