Casual Dining Restaurant Design

Casual Dining Restaurant Design

Most casual dining restaurants are full-service establishments with a family-friendly environment. As the most diverse sector of restaurants, there are several types of casual dining restaurants – each with a different design. The Atlanta restaurant architects at Baldwin Architectural Group have over 30 years of experience in casual dining restaurant design. Learn more as we explain a few of the most common types of casual dining restaurant layouts.

Traditional Casual Dining Restaurant Design

Traditional casual dining restaurants offer the service modeled after fine dining establishments. In most instances, the guests are greeted at the door by a hostess or a host who will then show the guest to their seats and provide them with menus.

Servers then come to the table, answers any questions, and takes the orders for food and beverage. These types of establishments are wildly popular and can feature a wide range of arrangements. Common examples would be Ruby Tuesday, O’Charley’s or Outback Steakhouse.

Pub/Brewhouse Casual Dining Restaurant Design

With a strong influence by British culture, pubs (short for public house) are full-service bars that have less of a food menu than a traditional casual restaurant. These environments are much more relaxed, which should be reflected in the ambiance and design.

The term “brewhouse” was previously used to reference the brewery room where the copper tanks were stored. Today, the term is used relatively loosely, but can still describe a restaurant where beer is brewed. BJ’s Restaurant and Brewhouse is an excellent example of this type of casual dining restaurant model.

Cafeteria Casual Dining Restaurant Design

Cafeteria restaurants offer little to no table service. Food is cooked and served a la carte by a server positioned behind a serving counter. Guests select a tray and move it along the front of the counter, choosing the foods they want from a serving line. A great example of the cafeteria casual dining restaurant scheme would be Piccadilly.

Buffet Casual Dining Restaurant Design

With the buffet casual dining restaurant, customers enjoy all they can eat for a set price. There typically are no servers and customers are free to serve themselves. Buffet casual dining restaurant designs feature more of an open floor plan with space centered around the buffet. Examples of the cafeteria casual dining restaurant layout include Ryan’s, CiCi’s Pizza and Golden Corral.

Choosing the Right Casual Dining Restaurant Design Architect

One of the first steps to opening a restaurant is to choose what type of restaurant you’re most interested in operating. After the restaurant type is chosen, it is vital to select a restaurant architect who is capable of executing the proper design.

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