Creative Office Design

Today, a growing number of businesses are shedding the fluorescent lights and drab cubicles for the more visually appealing creative office space design. Designing or redesigning your office into a creative office space may result in improved productivity and bolstered employee morale. Read more about creative office design from the Atlanta office architects at Baldwin Architectural Group today.

Developing Specific Creative Zones

One way to plan your creative office design is to think of yourself as an urban city planner. Work to create specific zones for work and communication. For example, the dining area and kitchen should be the quintessential spot where employees come to chat and dine.

You can also group employees who have the same job function together to promote higher levels of collaboration. The goal is to work to incorporate a culture of enthusiasm and energy throughout the office where your employees feel comfortable interacting and talking.

Implement “Silent Zones”

In the process of creating specific zones, make sure you include a silent or quiet zone. This is a special place where your employees can hunker down and pound out work. The quiet or silent zone is where your workers can go focus on projects without having to worry with distractions. The goal is to create a space where your employees can quietly retreat to generate the next big idea.

Choose Effective Colors

One of the keys for the creative office design is the color scheme. If you are looking to foster creativity, get rid of the drab gray walls and floors and use colors to inspire.

  • Yellows are good for encouraging creativity
  • Blues stimulate the mind
  • Greens create a calming balance
  • And reds affect the body
Even more important, you should consider the intensity and saturation of the color choice. Muted and softer colors will soothe, while bright and highly saturated are great for stimulating. If you are unable to paint the walls, you can introduce splashes of vibrant color in other ways, such as brightly colored area rugs and vibrant wall art.

Broaden Walkways for Wider Horizons

The overall layout of the walkways in an office can affect how it feels and looks. Narrow walkways can be depressing and make your employees feel as if they are working in a tunnel. On the other hand, walkways that are too wide will cut into your office space.

It’s important to find a safe median between the two, so you can maximize the space and provide the feeling of comfort. One hack is to curve the walkways in the office. Curved walkways are very pleasing to the eye and very unique, which may help produce extraordinary creative results.

Taking a Stand for Productivity

Several employees discover they work best standing instead of sitting at a desk all day. As a result, it’s a great practice to help your employees get their creative juices flowing by offering an array of different tables of varying height. Standing can help your workers stay more alert by engaging their muscles to promote a higher level of creativity.

Incorporate Nature and Natural Lighting

According to the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, employees working in environments with natural light have higher levels of energy than those working in artificially-lit workplaces. Natural lighting can also reduce eyestrain, which can lead to increased productivity levels.

In the end, natural light offers several health effects and can be used to boost creativity. You can also incorporate a little bit of nature into the space with flowers and plants.

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