Fine Dining Restaurant Design

Fine Dining Restaurant Design

While great food and excellent customer service are crucial for any restaurant, the restaurant design is equally important. The design of your fine dining restaurant will set the tempo for the customer’s entire dining experience. In the end, the goal is to wow your guests with the details and keep them returning. Continue reading for a few key elements of an effective fine dining restaurant design.

Create an Effective Layout

While some restaurants may flourish with one large room, others may need extra dining spaces to accommodate private parties. A pivotal design decision is whether you’ll use multiple, smaller spaces or one open room. Most fine dining restaurant designs are based on a hybrid of the two with each table sectioned off or partitioned. Even then, you must avoid layout snafus, such as having:

  • Tables near restrooms
  • Tables situated in the middle of the dining room
  • Tables by the front door
  • Tables next to the kitchen or bus stations
Effective use of unique screens, tall plants or elegant dividers between tables may remedy these seating problems.

Fine Dining Restaurant Music

When it comes to fine dining restaurants, silence isn’t golden. The music in your restaurant is just as important for setting the theme as your artwork and style of menu. If budget allows, live music is a wonderful way to impress guests and liven up your business.

Live music draws new crowds and adds a unique jolt to the overall feel of the fine dining restaurant design. If you are planning to incorporate a live music, be sure to speak with your restaurant architect about the stage and how that can impact the layout of your fine dining restaurant.

Fine Dining Lighting

Restaurant lighting can detract or add to the overall dining experience. When lighting is done properly, it communicates function, form and may even be able to elicit certain customer emotions. Proper restaurant lighting has the ability to:

  • Allow you to change the mood based on time and section of the restaurant
  • Create a “wow” factor to offer customers as soon as they walk in the door
  • Personalize different atmospheres based on your fine dining restaurant design
  • Bring attention to and highlight your restaurant’s best features

Heating and Ventilation

Proper heating and ventilation is one of the key considerations that should be incorporated into your fine dining restaurant design. Kitchens of restaurants produce a significant amount of smoke, heat and smells, which all much be managed through effective ventilation.

At the same time, it’s imperative you use proper air conditioning to ensure your customers are comfortable. Your Atlanta restaurant architect will be able to make design recommendations to ensure your dine dining restaurant is properly climate controlled and ventilated.

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