Hotel Design

Hotel Design

Baldwin Architectural Group specializes in creating stylish, functional, and one-of-a-kind hotel designs. Our Atlanta hotel architects understand the intricate nuances necessary to create a profitable facility. We work closely with developers, franchisees, and other stakeholders to implement hotel designs that set the facility apart. Read on to learn more about the hotel design process and a few of the key elements.

Planning and Programming for a Hotel Design Budget

In the process of designing a hotel, preparation and programming should be the result of collaboration. While your developer will drive the process, input should be gathered from all interested parties. This preliminary program will act as a relatively broad document that lists all of the potential spaces and gives a rough estimate of the space requirements. Essentially, this initial program will be used to create the first development and construction budget.

Once the hotel design project gets underway, the items on the initial program will be tested against feasibility processes. As a result, the budget and overall program becomes more refined. In the end, these initial plans will be the basis for the schematic design created by your architectural team.

Developing a Chain Hotel Design Vs Independent Hotel Design

Programming for a chain hotel is significantly easier than it would be for an independent facility. Whether the property is managed by the chain or is franchised, it will have a specific set of prototype designs and standards that are integral in defining the relationships, activities, and space allotments. Even so, it’s up to the developer to adapt the design prototype to the site and the market.

On the other hand, the development of a five-star independent hotel requires clear thought and an arduous amount of experience. Independent hotels are practically starting from the beginning. While a large amount of information can be gathered through the feasibility process, the final program must consider the long-term and short-term business plan for the hotel.

Guest Rooms and Suites

Undoubtedly, the most fundamental planning for any hotel revolves around the guest room. The guest room represents a significant amount of the holistic hotel experience and accounts for a massive amount of space. In the initial development budget, it’s imperative to create an effective guest room layout.

The guest room layout is directly related to the operating efficiency of the hotel as well as long-term guest satisfaction. For instance, low-rise hotels with up to three stories may find optimum efficiency by the double-loaded slab design, which explains guestrooms on both sides of the corridor. It’s vital to use an experienced architect to create functional hotel guest rooms.

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Selecting the right hotel design firm in Atlanta is one of the most important decisions you will make in this process. The professionals at Baldwin Architectural Group bring over 30 years of stellar experience creating a vast array of hospitality venues, including hotels, restaurants, and bars. We will guide you through the process and provide designs that are functional, stylish, and executable within your budget.

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