Hotel Restaurant & Bar Design

Hotel Restaurant & Bar Design

Well-crafted cocktails and savory entrees alone are seldom enough to create a memorable experience at your hotel restaurant or bar. Extraordinary experiences are the result of exquisite design as well as tasty food and beverages. Since the restaurant or bar in the hotel will be in direct competition with the local rivals, use the design, placement, and architecture of the facility to set it apart. Whether you are looking to create a contemporary fine dining experience in your hotel or a trendy and hip bar, Baldwin Architectural Group can help you execute the most effective design.

Managing the Functional Space

With hotel restaurant and bar designs, the use of space is a huge factor. It’s vital your architectural firm manage every square inch of real estate for optimum efficacy. The space should take into account the needs of customer seating, storage, kitchen, as well as the mobility of both customers and employees.

Since all hospitality establishments have different needs, your architecture firm should customize the space based on your individual requirements. Many of the largest hotels will have a large, elegant ballroom, smaller board rooms, meeting rooms, exhibition space, conference rooms, and a dedicated room for banquets. On the other hand, a smaller hotel may only have a single multipurpose space for all events.

Hotel Restaurant & Bar Design Best Practices

In the process of designing your restaurant or bar, make sure this facility meets the following objectives:

  • Ensure all casual and fine dining restaurants are easily accessible to outside traffic. This will improve the dining facility’s position as a popular local eatery and maximize street presence.
  • If possible, provide individual restrooms for each facility. This facet is especially important for high volume beverage operations.
  • Make sure to design your hotel bar or restaurant in a way that can be closed off during slower periods. This will allow you to create more intimate venues.
  • If the hotel has a banquet hall, the restaurant and banquet kitchen can share a space. This will bolster the economy of construction, save space, and improve operation.
  • Position the facility’s primary casual dining restaurant adjacent to the hotel’s main circulation pattern. This process may help to maximize and even increase the internal business.
  • Optimize back-of-the-house space by allowing all hotel restaurants and bars to share kitchen space.

Budget for Hotel Restaurant & Bar Design

Your budget should act as your guiding force in the process. It’s essential to work with an architecture design firm that will help you make the most financially sound decisions and stay within your budget. The hotel designers at Baldwin Architectural Group specialize in working with all types of budgets and delivering viable solutions. We will put our expertise to use to get the most out of every square inch of space.

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Including a restaurant or bar in your hotel is an excellent way to generate an additional revenue stream, improve customer satisfaction, and bolster bottom line profits. At Baldwin Architectural Group, we specialize in creating aesthetically pleasing and functional hotel restaurants and bars.

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