Industrial Architecture

If you’re looking for a commercial architect to design your industrial building, look no further than Baldwin Architectural Group.

Our Atlanta architects understand the type of design and space industrial facilities need in order to function efficiently.

When designing your industrial facility or building, it is extremely important to recognize the needs of your employees and the equipment you’ll be housing.

Types of Industrial Architecture

There are many business types and companies that must have an industrial workplace to operate. Some of Baldwin Architectural Group’s favorite industrial building types to serve include the following:

  • Warehouses
  • Factories
  • Breweries
  • Sawmills
  • Watermills
  • And more!

Because Baldwin Architectural Group has experience designing a variety of industrial building types, we also know what types of functionality the building will need to sustain business.

Our industrial architects work hard to take the following requirements into consideration:

Power & Utility

Depending on the industrial business type, certain types of machinery and equipment will need to be accounted for.

Loading and Unloading Areas

Being an industrial space, your building needs to be capable of quickly and easily loading or unloading parts, equipment, and packaged goods.

Storage Needs

For companies like warehouses and factories, it is important to have tall, vertical space for storage. Many businesses need to utilize large bays to store product and goods.

Employee Safety

The occupancy and safety of industrial workers impacts much of the industrial building design. Depending on the company and the job of the staff, some industrial building may need to include additional ventilation and air circulation considerations.

Another possibility to take into consideration is the disposal and handling of dangerous or hazardous waste products. Industrial buildings should include designated areas to accommodate these situations.

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No matter what type of industrial building you need help designing, our experienced Atlanta architects are here to help. To learn more about our commercial architecture services and projects, view our industrial architecture portfolio.