Centennial Station Lofts in Castleberry

The Centennial Station Lofts in Castleberry are located in Downtown Atlanta near the Georgia Dome.

The lofts feature a brick fa├žade, and their structure wraps around an entire block. Many of the lofts feature two-story interiors with large windows and industrial designs as well as balconies, and the loft complex has a private pool in the center of it.

The design for the lofts was handled by CNNA Architects while Baldwin Architectural Group provided preliminary design work, due diligence, zoning, and project management.


Inman Park Lofts

The Inman Park Lofts are a mixed-use development located in the historic Atlanta neighborhood of Inman Park.

The building for the lofts is four stories tall, and it features various shops on the ground level. The mixed-use aspect of the building is great for in-town residents who want easy access to businesses within walking distance of their home.

The back of the building offers access to two stories of parking, and it opens up onto a beautiful, spacious outdoor area, which features a dog walk and overlooks a pond.



Located in the Cabbagetown District of East Atlanta, the Mill Town Lofts have a modernly classic design full of exposed brick and spiral staircases. Featured amenities include a swimming pool, fitness facility, and community space in the center of this complex. These multi-family and mixed use facilities create a wonderful live, work, play environment.