New Builds

The process of designing and constructing a new home allows individuals to express themselves in a unique way. Clients are able to work with residential architects to design a new home that will suit their current needs as well as their future plans.

Your new home is where you will experience life events and create memories with loved ones; it should feel safe, welcoming, and surpass your expectations. For these reasons you need a residential architect you can trust.

The Baldwin Architectural Group knows creating these cherished spaces requires a responsibility that we take seriously. Our team builds quality Atlanta homes, keeping you and your family in mind.

Why The Baldwin Architectural Group?

Our architectural group is locally owned and operated, meaning we will be with you every step of the way. We have over 30 years of experience building homes for clients in the Atlanta area and we have earned their trust, allowing us to maintain our great reputation.

Building a new home is more than putting up four walls and a roof, it is a multi-step process. Our home design team will work closely with you throughout the following phases:

  • The first stages of building a new home are the most important. We will make every effort to understand your goals through an initial consultation and then a more comprehensive visit and analysis of the location. During this period we will establish a budget that meets your needs, allowing us to create a rough sketch.
  • After approval of the rough design, we will turn this idea into a quality building design using scale drawings, structural plans and 3-D renderings so you can see exactly what your new home design will look like.
  • After creating blueprints and obtaining other construction documents, we will receive the permits necessary to start building your new home.

Working beside our clients and maintaining strong communication will ensure your new home design is clearly envisioned, saving you time and money in the end. Be proud to live in your new home and know who is building it!

Design and Build Your New Home with Baldwin Residential Architects

Baldwin Architectural Group provides a wide range of new home building services to those wishing to create their own dream house.

Contact our all-in-one team of residential architects at 404-754-2626 or fill out an online contact form to begin your new home design today.