Office Architecture


A company’s physical location and office space can contribute greatly to the overall feel and perception of the business. It’s important to plan your office’s design according to employee, organizational, and client needs. A well designed office environment will support your staff and portray your business’s overall brand and company culture to the rest of the world.

Baldwin Architectural Group has years of experience in designing and remodeling office suites, buildings and complexes. Our office architects will work with your business to create an environment that inspires collaboration and innovative solutions.

Office Design & Remodeling

One of the most important things to take into consideration when planning your office design or remodel, is the function your office serves. Do you provide the community goods or services? Do your clients or customers come to you, or do you primarily go to them? How many employees work in-office and how many employees work remotely?

To answer all of these questions, it is important to keep the following in mind:

Design & Aesthetics

As a business owner it can be easy to get caught up in functionality over form and aesthetic design. Think about yourself as a consumer. Think about the first impressions you’ve had upon walking into a new business. Office design matters. Leave a lasting impression with your clients by taking the time for aesthetics and pleasing design elements.

Think of Your Employees & Coworkers

Before you begin remodeling or redesigning your office space, take the time to observe your employees and determine if there are any amenities that are lacking. Ask staff members their opinions on the current office space and what features they would improve upon.

Create Designated Spaces

When designing a new office, or redesigning an old one, make every nook and cranny of the office a deliberate, designated space. There should be places for employees to have privacy, and there should also be places for employees to collaborate and work together.

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