Residential Architecture – Remodeling and New Builds

Whether you wish to change the appearance of an existing home or start from the ground up, Baldwin Architectural Group has the know-how to create unique and attractive homes that complement your family’s lifestyle.

Our Atlanta-based architectural firm has a love for aesthetics and design that coincides with our knowledge of construction and zoning. Regardless of the project you want to begin, we will work with your budget, desired materials, and ideas to develop a plan that meets your ultimate goal.

Residential Remodeling

Many clients choose to remodel their present home when they need a change, whether it be to adapt to an altering lifestyle, make room for new family members, or they’re just looking for something different. There are many benefits to remodeling your home, including:

  • Remodeling is an investment
  • Homeowners can postpone selling until they are happy with the housing market
  • There is no relocation process
  • The qualities that homeowners like in their present home can remain, while others can be changed

If you’re interested in re-configuring a floor plan, changing a rooftop structure, creating an open space, or adding on to your current home: we can help.


Residential New Builds

Building a new house can be a massive undertaking. The Baldwin Architectural Group is skilled in all areas involved with new home design and building, from start to finish. Our experts will consider all locational aspects of constructing, including: views, sunlight, shading, and zoning. With this in mind, we will design your dream home with the artistic taste and functionality only the best residential architects can provide.

Building a new home allows our clients to customize and design their vision, down to the very last detail. For example, new home builds also come with new elements: appliances, roofs, counters—all of which can be chosen based on preference.

The Baldwin Architectural Group works in an environmentally sensitive way and meets all standard safety and energy regulations. Our firm takes on building your home as if it were one of our very own.

Contact the Baldwin Architectural Group

For more than 30 years, the residential architects at Baldwin Architectural Group has specialized in remodeling current homes and designing new homes throughout Sandy Springs, Atlanta, and the surrounding communities across the state of Georgia. Whether you want to create a floor plan, start from scratch, or customize an existing home, our firm can manage and accomplish the entire process.

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