Resort Design

Resort Design

Whether you are designing a beach resort or a ski lodge, the design of the venue is one of the most important aspects. It’s imperative your resort design is functional and inviting, while venturing on the side of luxury to help guests transition into vacation mode.

One way to achieve this goal is by paying special attention to the public area design of the resort. The public areas are fundamental for framing the property’s image, setting the stage for other activities, and adding value and interest to the overall guest experience.

Designing the Resort Lobby

The lobby of your resort is one of the most iconic spaces in the entire venue. The lobby area sets the tone of your resort and must provide a quick snippet of what your guests can anticipate as they venture further into the resort. Simply put, the lobby space should have an undeniable “wow” factor with the ability to serve as a multi-functional space.

In addition to serving as the resort’s front office, the lobby must facilitate a sound transition from the guest’s hectic journey into the serenity of the facility. The reception desk should be inviting and obvious, regardless of the entrance a guest decides to use. The space should promote the free-flow of traffic to other parts of the resort. The resort lobby should allocate space for:

  • Lobby seating for groups and individuals
  • Front desk administrative areas
  • Clear access to escalators, elevators, and stairs
  • Concierge storage and desk space
  • Coat Rooms, public toilets, and house phones

Guestroom Space Considerations

The guestroom space allotment for your resort is a pivotal design factor. The guestroom net area is the usable area including vestibule and bathroom. On the other hand, the gross area for the guestroom will include corridors, stairways, elevators, walls, storage, and mechanical areas on the guest room. The total resort gross area is everything in the hotel, except parking.

The gross guest room space allotment in resorts can be twice as large as the gross guest room space for hotels. One of the main reasons for this significant space disparity is because resorts will typically have guest rooms that are 30% larger. In addition, resorts should dedicate a significantly larger percentage of the program to areas classified as back-of-the-house and to public areas.

Food and Beverage Space

The overall design of the resort food and beverage areas can range from quick-service restaurants, room-only solutions, to an all-out fine-dining experience. Regardless of the type of food and beverage being offered at the resort, the restaurant will be in direct competition with local rivals.

One solution is to create multipurpose spaces that easily convert based on the time of day and the meals being served. The best designs will provide a labor-efficient and space-efficient venue that delights guests.

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