Figo Pasta Italian Restaurant in Edgewood

This Italian restaurant located in Edgewood features a classic brick façade, which juxtaposes quite nicely with the restaurant’s industrial awnings and sign.

The interior of the restaurant features rustic colors, which are inspired by classic Italian villages, and the restaurant has stained concrete floors and exposed ductwork along the ceiling.

The kitchen is visible from the dining area, and furniture with a simple, clean design was chosen for Figo. These design choices are inspired to make restaurant-goers feel like they are eating in someone’s home.

Goin’ Coastal Seafood Restaurant in Virginia Highlands

Goin’ Coastal is a seafood restaurant located in the Virginia Highlands neighborhood of Atlanta. The restaurant is located in a unit of an existing building, and we were able to modify it for the restaurant’s needs.

We tore down several walls and replaced them with support beams to give the restaurant a more open feeling. This allowed us to build out a bar space, which is separate from the dining area.

Goin’ Coastal is expanding into the unit next door, and we will help incorporate that space into the restaurant by creating an opening in the wall. We will also be updating the front of the building, so this added unit will match the restaurant’s appearance.

J. Christopher’s in East Cobb

This J. Christopher’s location is actually the very first for the breakfast and brunch restaurant group, so naturally, its appearance was in need of a major update. We refreshed the restaurant’s color scheme and artwork and modified the placement of the classic J. Christopher’s window.

In addition to giving the location a more modern look, we also addressed sound design issues by removing the wooden ceiling in one half of the restaurant, which also exposed the duct work, and by adding carpet tiles to the floor in the second half.

J. Christopher’s in East Lake of Marietta

J. Christopher’s is a breakfast and brunch restaurant group, and several of their locations have been built in existing buildings, which were not restaurants beforehand.

The J. Christopher’s in East Lake of Marietta is actually an Ace Hardware that has been converted into a restaurant.

This J. Christopher’s features a spacious waiting area, a coffee bar, and it also offers a ton of natural light despite being located in a traditional, brick building. The outdoor garden area left over from Ace Hardware has been transformed into an outside patio.

J. Christopher’s in North Roswell

The building this J Christopher’s resides in was once used as a bank, but you’d never know it based on this restaurant’s appearance.

From the open and inviting layout to J Christopher’s signature, bright colors, the atmosphere of this building has been completely transformed from its former purpose, and it serves as a great breakfast or brunch spot.

The open floor plan and the large booths and tables are perfect for big parties, and there is even a charming outdoor patio.

J. Christopher’s in Savannah

The J. Christopher’s in Savannah used to be an automotive repair shop, which involved a garage-based design.

The large overhead doors, which served as the entrance to the garage, now serve as the entrance to the patio dining area. While we kept the exposed ceiling and garage doors, we put in new, exposed ducts.

In addition to the many windows the building has, the bar features a large, half-arch mirror, which increases light and visibility both inside and out.

We also built a loft style apartment and a parking space into the back of the building.

J. Christophers Ponce de Leon

J Christopher’s Breakfast & Brunch – Ponce de Leon location. One of the few free standing buildings that J. Christopher’s has taken over the years. This ended up being a 2 story building also, along with creating the loft effect. It gave them great private dining spaces for special functions. We also used the roll up garage doors with a small patio outside to get a nice open feeling. But this entire building had to be updated with new kitchen equipment & restrooms. It even required a new grease trap, which of course is required for restaurant locations.