Tech Office Design

Tech Office Design

Some of the hottest Silicon Valley companies like eBay, Facebook, and Google have implemented dynamic tech office designs to bolster productivity. Whether you have a new trending startup in Atlanta Tech Village or a well-established company looking for a face lift, the tech office design may be exactly what you need to create a competitive advantage.

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Semi-Open Floor Plans

Many technology firms are moving past the open floor plans to more formidable hybrid or semi-open floor plans. While the open-office floor plan has many benefits, this design lacks privacy and suffers from significant noise pollution. However, the semi-open floor plan offers all of the benefits of an open floor plan without the downsides. Semi-open floor plans should include:

  • Collaborative seating clusters with provisions for standing and sitting work stations.
  • Separate open spaces.
  • A laboratory area with work tables, white boards, and sofas.
  • Closed-off spaces for meetings and quite tasks. You may even consider implementing a sound-free library space and conference rooms with glass walls for semi-privacy.
Hybrid floor plans allow employees to appreciate all of the dynamic interactions of the space.

Work Hard, Play Harder

Since a happier workforce is a more productive workforce, many firms implement “play” areas in their tech office design. A quick play break will free up the mind and get rid of the non-productive drag. At the same time, these social spaces get people communicating and building bonds. Play areas are especially helpful when a tech company is in the growth phase because they help foster connections.

Flexible and Versatile Design Elements

One of the cornerstones of the tech office design is flexible and versatile furniture. Simply put, the furniture shouldn’t be mounted to a panel or wall. Instead, the furniture should be able to be moved easily and rearranged to suit the varying needs of the business at different times. Examples of versatile furniture includes:

  • Desks that can quickly be turned into standing desks,
  • Desks with connectivity and storage compartments,
  • Chairs with adjustable height,
  • And screens that can be taken off, placed, and stored quickly.

Activity-Based Private Stations

Activity-based workstations are spaces dictated by the activity that will be performed. For instance, a phone booth designed exclusively for making personal calls will effectively keep the activity isolated. On the other hand, a space designated as conference room will confine group conversations to a specified area.

Activity-based stations are one of the core elements of the semi-open or hybrid floor plans. This design allows employees to have a quick meeting, take a call, or simply go somewhere they can concentrate on more demanding tasks.

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