Actor Alec Baldwin selects Baldwin Architectural Group for Upcoming Project

We have have finally been given permission to make the news public! Actor Alec Baldwin will be teaming up with our firm for a midtown Atlanta development project slated to be complete by 2022.

Alec had his eye on a section of land that he wanted to transform from old industrial zones into a mixed use development for years. His team was able to finalize a deal that would bring that dream to fruition and he has decided to partner with The Baldwin Architectural Group to make it happen! We have completed the first architectural design/planning phase with Alec to come up with a concept that transforms the blocks of industrial, fabrication, and scrapyard businesses into a neighborhood that includes top tier restaurants, a range of upscale urban homes (condominiums, town homes, single family, and larger domiciles), and a hip collaborative workspace.

The new neighborhood will include never before seen restaurant and retail concepts that will bring Alec’s own personal brand into the development itself. This will include:

  • A new Atlanta microbrewery called “Hunt for Red Hop-Tober”
  • A Few Good Hens”, a southern-fried chicken restaurant
  • A chic salad bar named “Glengarry Glen Toss” where customers can choose from the “ABC Salad” (Artichoke Bacon Club), “The El Dorado” (golden raisins, walnuts, choice of dressing on a bed of spinach), or the “Brass Balls” (two hardboiled eggs, with a choice of romaine or spinach, nuts, beets, and choice of dressing). Every first time visitor will receive a set of steak knives.
  • There will be a cozy corner shop called “Coffee is For Closers”. This venue will feature a NPR listening room where patrons can get a cup of coffee, snag a book or magazine and hear the day’s programming along with Alec’s own soothing pledge drive entreaties.
Concept rendering for Alec’s workout facility he’s calling “ABC” (Always Be Cycling)

“There was just something about these guys that seemed very trustworthy” Alec says about his selection of architectural firm. “I remember the day I met Christopher and Jack. They reminded me so much of my dear brothers Stephen, William and the other one whose name escapes me at the moment.”

We will continue to keep you updated on new developments as we are permitted to share them but in the meantime let’s give Alec a warm welcome to Atlanta!