I believe deep down inside everyone really wants the best things in life. Though for many of us, once we encounter the true cost it will take to have “the best” we often settle only for what we can afford or what we’re comfortable with. We settle for “good enough” all the time and it’s not necessarily a bad thing. Knowing when to compromise is required wisdom and we need it when we are dealing with limited resources like time and money.

Although “good enough” has its place, for those of us who live to dream we cannot help but look at the world around us and imagine what part we could play in making it better. The people who dream are not just flighty, helpless romantics. True visionary dreamers are the ones who take action, enjoy solving problems, and thrive off of finding new and interesting ways of doing things. This quest isn’t for perfection. Visionary dreamers only see their lives and their work as playing a very crucial role in creating a better future and it drives them to pay with a high cost.

Better always has a high cost and not all people are willing to pay it.

Better is always uncomfortable.

Better is never the status quo.

Better always takes courage, hard work, and discipline.

It’s important to point out that striving for “Better” doesn’t mean we aren’t grateful for what we have. If anything true, heartfelt gratitude can actually drive us to bring more of the best to the world. When we discover something in our lives that really is the “best”, the kindest and most generous thing we can do is share it with the rest of the world and work hard to create more of it.

A lot of people can be good at something. “Good enough” is an easy result to get. But getting better always pushes us.

When we at Baldwin Architectural Group say we want to “Design a Better Future Together” that will always mean we want to deploy with excellence our particular set of skills as an architectural design team in order to provide our visionary clients with an opportunity to see their own “Better Future” unfold.

“Good enough” will never be what we aim for.