Design a Better Future Together

I was very purposeful when I came up with this slogan for our company. Meaning, I didn’t want to throw empty platitudes around just so we’d have some good “market speak” on our website to fill space and generate search results.

However as it turns out, 2019 was a very pivotal year for our business and for myself personally. A month into 2020 and I feel I’ve been able to get a little closer to what we really mean when we say “Design a Better Future Together“. I want to take some time in the form of these blog posts to genuinely and honestly plumb the depths of each of these words and put “meat” on why we chose them.

This will be the first in a series of blogs that I’ll do starting with “Design” and working my way through “Better” “Future” and “Together”.


I see design everywhere in the world and I think it’s absolutely beautiful. I see it equally in the sunsets we get every night, the birds that fly in the air and even in the Mac I’m using to type this blog post on. Nature, technology, buildings, cars all give us beautiful ways to admire design in the world. It fascinates me. It fills me with wonder and joy. I believe one of the greatest gifts God ever gave us was the ability to participate in design and creativity. We as a species are uniquely endowed with the ability to create. To make something out of nothing. To have an idea and turn it into a song, a dance, a novel, or a building. It’s the very thing that makes us human.

That’s what our company gets to do. That’s what Baldwin Architectural Group has the distinct privilege and blessing to provide to our world.

We have shared firsthand the joy of seeing a restaurateur’s dream to own a franchise turn into a reality. We were gifted with the opportunity to fulfill another man’s vision to provide an exquisite level of care to the senior population suffering from dementia and memory loss in Atlanta. We have had a front row seat to the story of a young pastor’s desire to see his expanding spiritual community do great work in his city.

As an architectural design team, fundamentally, this is what we get to do. Can you believe it? I mean… what an honor! It makes me so grateful.

This is what we are passionate about as individual people and as a team. We so highly value the concept of DESIGN because we see it as our privilege to design better futures with our clients and our partners. We believe wholeheartedly we should be good stewards with this privilege and so we seek to provide these architectural design services the best way we can.

That’s why we:

  • We provide an environment in which ideas can flow. We foster creativity and design concepts with our clients. We let them know what is possible and what is not. We provide helpful input to enable their ideas to take the best shape they can and we allow our clients to dream big with us so they can see a better future.
  • Will always work to the very end of every project with our clients. We won’t stop working until your building gets approved and gets built. We will play our role with absolute excellence and cooperate fully to make sure your building is completed the way you want it.
  • We guide our clients and our partners through the complicated landscape of getting buildings constructed. We know the rocky terrain. As a team of people who have been through the building process thousands of times, we can anticipate what needs to happen next in order to complete your project.
  • We will never nickel and dime. There will never be surprises. Every project we take on will be done by design. There will be a purpose and a plan that we agree on and we will work with integrity to set proper expectations and meet our deadlines.

Design is in our very DNA. It’s the fixture of life that pulls all things together and gives meaning to existence. I don’t believe we are here by accident and I believe we have been given a great gift in life to participate in the further creation of the world in our own way. That’s why I want to see Baldwin Architectural Group be the greatest architectural design company in Atlanta. It’s our duty and responsibility to.

Jack Baldwin | Vice President of Baldwin Architectural Group

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