Green Park Personal Care Home. Kennesaw, GA

Green Park Personal Care Home in Kennesaw, GA

The Baldwin Architectural Group recently partnered with Green Park Personal Care Home to make some important additions to their beautiful property in Kennesaw, Georgia.

When the folks at Green Park first engaged with our architectural team, the plan was primarily to expand the facility to accommodate more residents. As we became more involved during our Preliminary Design Phase, additional improvements where conceived of which included; adding a comfortable elevator for better mobility and ease of access between floors, a large rear-facing multi-level porch, an expanded activities center, and designs that would take advantage of the gorgeous scenery in the North Georgia woods.

3D Rendering of Back Porch Development at Green Park Personal Care Home in Kennesaw, GA

The Green Park activities area is ideal for residents to enjoy games, events, and interactions with the staff. The team members themselves were also a key factor in our design plan. In order to provide a greater level of care, we created additional amenities for late shift employees so they can get a shower, proper rest, and be able to recharge and be readily available to residents at all hours day or night.

3D rendering of interior activity center upgrades at Green Park Personal Care Home in Kennesaw, GA

As with all our senior living projects, we worked closely with the ownership and management team to make sure that each design element maximizes space while increasing quality of life as much as possible for the residents. Ensuring that each resident is a person who is well taken care of, attended to, and fully considered is our top priority when taking on each personal care project. Fortunately, the folks at Green Park PCH also share these values and this is reflected in each of the architectural choices we made together.