M. Christopher Baldwin, PRESIDENT

M. Christopher Baldwin | PRESIDENT, NCARB, M. Arch.

President and founder M. Christopher Baldwin is our principal architect and he personally oversees every project the Baldwin Architectural Group undertakes. Christopher is a “Ramblin’ Wreck” from Georgia Tech where he acquired his Masters in Architecture in 1983. He and his wife of 39 years live in the Atlanta area where they raised their four sons and continue to stay busy keeping up with their four wonderful grandchildren.



Jack is leads our sales and marketing team and day to day business operations. During his 13 years in sales, he has developed winning strategies and a strong acumen for reaching new customers and retaining a thriving client base. He enjoys running, live music, cheesy sci-fi movies, and spending time with his 10 year old son.

Katie Kennedy, MHP


Katie’s enthusiasm, drive, and diligence brings a much needed energy to our team. She holds a Master’s degree in Heritage Preservation from Georgia State University and enjoys live music with her son when she isn’t binge-watching Antiques Roadshow.

Richard Bodrick II, B. Arch.

Richard Bodrick, B. Arch. | PROJECT DESIGNER

Rich holds a bachelor’s degree in architecture from Tuskegee University. Starting from early age, Mr. Bodrick has always displayed a desire for the arts including; portrait sketching, contour drawings, and music.

James Knight, M. Arch

James Knight, M. Arch | PROJECT DESIGNER

James graduated with a Masters of Architecture from University of Sydney, Australia. He has brought his passion for design and entrepreneurship to our firm and also enjoys designing his own unique, customized furniture. When he isn’t working he enjoys traveling exploring new places, both local and overseas.