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St Simons Island, Georgia

Residential Development Concept

This proposed concept would construct 9 new homes on existing lots located in the destination beach city of Saint Simon’s Island, GA.

The dream is to design and build a small community of homes all with similar, compact footprints but retain unique exteriors that compliment one another.

The design delivers an efficient beautiful concept that fits in with not only the other homes onsite but the larger St. Simons community as a whole.

The look and feel of each individual home fits perfectly within the community.

We draw upon the coastal classic weatherboard, modern farmhouse look that is emerging on the island.

Our approach in the architectural design allowed the homes to be raised above the flood line.

Thus, a private elevated porch is created for each home and open air parking is available to match the casual nature of the island.  

These 9 Lots would yield 1,500+/- Sq Ft homes each equipped with 3 bedrooms 3 and half bathrooms. They would be 2 levels each with 2 open air parking spaces. We provided 3 varied aesthetic designs all with similar floor plans.