Out of the Ashes

Anyone who knows their Atlanta history is familiar with the fact that our fair city was burned to the ground by General Sherman in 1864 during his March to the Sea. But Atlanta, symbolized on its city seal by the phoenix and the motto "Resurgens", eventually rose again from the ashes and continues its steady ascent to this day.

The "death and rebirth" motif is a story that plays itself out often in life and is one that we at the Baldwin Architectural Group were fortunate enough to participate in not too long ago in the Edgewood neighborhood of Atlanta.

Eight years ago, fire ravaged this beautiful, historic home on La France Street not too far from Little Five Points.

But the story doesn't end there...

Rather than give up on a dream, the homeowners saw an opportunity for a fresh start and brought us in to design a new home that could be even more gorgeous than the first one. It would take some hard work and a lot of tearing down, but the finished product was worth the time and investment.

Involving a visionary architect makes a difference on every project. In this case we worked closely with the homeowners to understand which design elements they wanted to retain and which new, innovative aspects they wanted to employ as they rebuilt a home lost to fire. The end result was a fresh, contemporary, colorful, home that still harkened to its past and drew thematically upon the very story of Atlanta itself. Tragedy can bring about opportunity when you're ready to take advantage of it, roll up your sleeves, and take a forward thinking approach.

Just After the Fire. Before Renovation Started.

Drawing and Design Phase

During Construction

Welcome Home! Finished Product