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Bank Architecture - Clayton United Community Bank

12-19-20211 min read
The Clayton United Community Bank after construction

A blast from the past!

I designed this bank building in 1989 in Clayton, GA and I’ve always been very proud of how it turned out.

The bank sits on an elevated foundation in order to rise above the flood plain in the nearby area.

A small river runs behind the lot where the bank sits and in order to get above the flood plain we had to work hard and get creative.

As you can see this bank has a beautiful tower on top and with the elevated foundation it really stands out in the small town area. We wanted to harken back to a historical courthouse that once stood not too far from here and I think that design goal was accomplished.

At the time, 24 years ago, Clayton United Community was a start up bank and originally was the location for the bank’s headquarters.

I’m proud to say the bank is still standing and is now part of United Community Banks with locations across Georgia, Tennessee, and Alabama.