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Bringing FIGO to The Heart of Atlanta

04-02-20222 min read
FIGO Italian cuisine in Downtown Atlanta


We completed work on this Figo location in Little Five Points in 2009. FIGO has locations all over the Atlanta area and boasts a truly unique Italian food experience. We enjoyed working with this group as their unique spin on classic cuisine reminds us of our own creative yet practical drive for uniqueness in architecture.

Mixed Use

This project is a mixed-use development. We wanted to design the restaurant to fit in nicely with a healthy Work/Life balance which has become so important in our moden, technological world. We feel the design captures the eclectic style of Little Five while also providing a maximal use of space, where real estate has a high premium. We’d recommend stopping by for a unique dining experience, enjoy a bottle of wine and head out on the town to look for a show or to explore some other of Atlanta's diverse offerings.

Shared Values

To highlight exactly why we enjoyed working with FIGO on this development, we took a statement from the founder on their mission on working principles. We This captures much of the spirit that we put into designing new projects for customers:

“FIGO is not about one single thing—only food, only service. It’s the entire experience for every person walking through my doors. I like to treat everyone as if they were my own mamma! Welcoming and feeding guests with authentic Italian recipes, FIGO does not serve customers – we welcome and entertain guests whom we value like family.”

Stop by some time and be sure to let the owner, and us, know what you think!