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We're Goin' Coastal and Virginia Highlands is now the Beach

12-18-20211 min read
Goin' Coastal - A Virginia Highlands eatery

We actually “double dipped” on this project. Originally this location housed a Figo Restaurant which was also designed by Baldwin Architectural Group. We transformed the location into one of the two Goin’ Coastal restaurants originally in business today in the Southeast.

This location is right in the heart of the beautiful and upbeat Virginia Highlands neighborhood in Atlanta. Goin’ Coastal alsohas a restaurant in historical downtown Canton.

If you’ve never heard of Goin’ Coastal or visited one of the sites here’s a little bio about them (from the website):

GOIN’ COASTAL is a sustainable seafood joint. We feature only the highest quality seafood from sources, either fished or farmed that can exist over the long term without compromising species’ survival or the health of the ecosystem. So why does this matter?

1. With over 75% of the world fisheries either fully fished or over fished, we believe the choices we make will help to enhance the seafood marketplace for all consumers. 2. Sustainable fishing practices are not only environmentally responsible they yield the highest quality seafood.

Floor plan of the Goin' Coastal Virginia Highlands location

Much like Baldwin Architectural Group, Goin’ Coastal stands as a leader of sustainable practices throughout their industry. We appreciate the opportunity to design one of their locations and look forward to our next trip down to grab some baked oysters or a low country shrimp boil.