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Lola's Burger and Tequila Bar

07-13-20221 min read
Lola's Burgers - Beautiful fining spaces

Lola's Burger and Tequila Bar

We recently finished in Roswell, GA. We had fun on this project, not to mention enjoying the great food at the end of it.

An Historical Development

The location selected for the restaurant was originally home to a classic movie theater from the 30's. That means that today it's considered an historical site in the City of Roswell.

Strict Building Regulations

This usually means for this kind of location will follow more strict guidelines for the development. These regulations usually relate to the appearance of the exterior, as was the case with Lola's. This was very similar to our project.

Unique Interior

Lola's first floor features a gradual slope down towards where the kitchen area is located. This unique experience and gave us the opportunity to get creative and resulted in a functional and stylish feel to the interior.

Eat, Drink and Build!

We think you'll love Lola's atmosphere and hope you plan to stop by to check out our work and some great food.

Lola's Burgers - Unique interior design