Retail Architecture

Retail environments exist to promote and sell products to consumers. At Baldwin Architectural Group, we have an understanding of space and design that will provide businesses with architecture that is specially tailored to their products and clientele.

It’s important to fully utilize space so items can remain stocked, while maintaining an aesthetically pleasing surrounding. Shopping should also be a hassle-free, enjoyable experience for customers. Part of creating that experience involves an effective exterior that is eye-catching and an interior that has clear walkways for foot traffic, ample storage, and spaces that encourage sales. Depending on the industry you are in, you may want the layout of your building to enable traffic to flow a certain way. Common retail floor plan designs include:

  • Straight plans
  • Diagonal plans
  • Curved plans
  • Geometric plans
  • Pathway plans

These design techniques avoid overcrowding and allow ease of access to merchandise and checkouts.

New Builds and Remodeling

New buildings allow business owners to choose the way their storefronts and interiors will be shaped and displayed from the very beginning. Remodeling an existing structure will give retail spaces a fresh look that can increase sales and draw new attention.

We have experience with zoning and building codes in the Atlanta area, meaning your store will be up-and-running without unnecessary delays.

Our architectural group understands the multifaceted, market-driven needs of businesses and the importance of completing projects within budget and on time. Whether you’re looking to build a family business from the ground up or remodel a large department store, the Baldwin Architectural Group is an expert in all design-build constructions.

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